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The unseen detail within design

There is often a preconception that creating a brand identity is something quick and easy and something purely aesthetic. As much as designers love to craft things to be as beautiful and appealing to our audience as possible, there is always rationale and reasoning for the way things are constructed.

One of the hardest parts of the job as a designer is educating the client about the design process and that it always involves going through so many reiterations of a design. We understand that it’s difficult to expect somebody to pay for something that will never really be seen by anybody, apart from a table of designers in a studio. The exciting bit, like most things, comes at the end of the process when you can see just how a brand identity will look, how it will be seen within the real world, how people may use it, talk about it and share it.

With our Blackpool FC crest concept, all of the things mentioned above apply. We picked a football crest as a crest has to say so much, to so many people, who have a live or die attitude about something that they love. On the other side, it has to function in the real world. It has to have a commercial aspect to it, from driving sales of shirts and merchandise, tickets, digital media and broadcasting.

Blackpool football club logo 8

As a designer, the main thing for me was to say as many things about both Blackpool the Football Club but also Blackpool the place. Having the nickname, Seasiders I started to look at how we could have a stylised gull that wasn’t like anything seen on any other club badges. As I went through sketching pages and pages of gull shapes and seeing what worked I stumbled upon a shape that also looked like it would work as a shape for the sea waves. From that point on the badge started to take shape and started to give us the look and feel we wanted.

As I mentioned before, things are often unseen in the design process and nobody would realise that the crest was created by using the same elements, but this is what helps create memorable and successful design. Make complex, simple!

This visual language, formed from the abstract wave, then evolved into typography and thinking about how we could create a custom typeface. Having a huge number on the back of the shirt is something that every kid dreams off so why not give it a go? Having custom elements like this is just another way to add personality and consistency to the brand.

Blackpool football club typography 1
Blackpool football club typography 2
Blackpool football club typography 3
Blackpool football club typography 7
Blackpool football club typography 5
Blackpool football club typography 6

To summarise it all up, creating simple design is much harder than you think. Try to look beyond its literal interpretation and understand just how much work is done behind the scenes and the amount of head-scratching a designer actually does.

If you want us to apply this process to your next project then please drop us a line and we will be more than happy to have a chat.