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Today’s a big day as we share our new name.

Introducing EXP – a brand and digital consultancy that creates flawless end-to-end experiences that demand results.

Since launching Factored in 2013, a lot has changed. Our team has grown and our services have evolved to meet client needs. We’ve shifted from primarily offering graphic design, to consultancy services that solve problems.

The pandemic accelerated the shift as we tackled bigger challenges and spent more time researching markets, analysing data and developing strategies.

A recurring theme that ties everything together has been experience.

Great brand experiences make money. Bad experiences cost money.

We know that great customer experiences drive loyalty and increase spend.

Focusing on experiences allows us to go beyond design aesthetics to make sure your brand and marketing output works together as one – attracting, converting and retaining customers – creating slick end-to-end experiences.

  • Attract – Attraction is all about getting your brand in front of the right people and making sure they know about you. We’ll develop a brand strategy to define aims and give direction, driven by a brand identity and marketing that creates engagement and recall.
  • Convert – We’ll achieve conversions using great messaging and beautifully designed digital platforms. This is supported through behavioural science to nudge people into action that achieves your goals, whether it’s views, registrations, or sales.
  • Retain – Retention is the best way to grow. We’ll help you understand customer wants and needs, creating a slick customer journey that builds loyalty and makes people want to come back for more.

It’s all about outcomes, not output.

We’re the same company and team, re-energised by our new vision and bold brand.

We hope you like our new name and look!

Experience is everything. Experience EXP.

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