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Increasing awareness and revenue for a cancer charity

CancerCare provides support services for those with cancer and the people around them. It’s a much-needed independent charity that’s helped thousands of people over the years.

The charity looked a bit dated and needed to refresh their look to re-energise fundraising activities, particularly in the midst of a pandemic and looming cost of living crisis.

We worked with the team to develop a brand and marketing strategy and identity that would kick-start a new chapter for the charity.

Cancer Care Brand 1

There’s no doubt cancer is a serious and sensitive subject, yet much of what CancerCare does is positive. It helps those with a recent diagnosis in a number of ways. It could be a quick chat, a connection to someone who’s been in the same position, a massage or even art therapy.

Walk in to one of the charity's centres and you’ll find yourself in a vibrant and welcoming place.

Unfortunately, the charity’s previous brand didn’t reflect this, with imagery of literal therapy (two people in beige chairs having a chat) and some pretty depressing messaging.

After spending some time with clients, staff and therapists, we decided to make the CancerCare community the heart of the brand.

Cancer Care Emotion Marks
Cancer Care Framed Art

Taking inspiration from art therapy, we tasked the community with drawing ‘emotion marks’. Over 100 people were provided with cards, paint and paint brushes and asked to paint marks to express their feelings. It could have been an emotion from their diagnosis, the feeling during a massage or simply their connection to CancerCare. Importantly, it was their way of expressing how they felt.

We took the emotion marks and digitised them to create vibrant and unique patterns that feature across the brand. The marks are unique to the individual but create various combinations as a nod to the community. Each mark tells its own story.

As an additional layer, we gathered some of CancerCare’s most prominent members of the community for a photoshoot. Individuals were asked to wear bright clothing and smile. It’s simple, but probably one of the most effective tools for donation and client conversion.

The brand attracts donations, volunteers and clients as the distinctive marks are easy to spot across all marketing output.

Cancer Care Train Advert
Cancer Care Santa Dash
Cancer Care Hike Poster
Cancer Care Shopper

A big element of the project was to make the charity think commercially at every stage of marketing, and the website is one of the biggest conversion tools. We worked on behavioural science techniques such as nudge theory to increase average donations through button placement and price bracketing.

We also suggested new commercial opportunities including an online shop to sell artwork and merchandise featuring the emotion marks.

Since launching the new brand, CancerCare has seen a shift in the balance of referrals from healthcare professionals to the wider community (family members, schools, friends and community groups), demonstrating the success of the refreshed marketing and a more welcoming tone.

Cancer Care Laptop 1
Cancer Care Mobile Compilation