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Bay Learning Trust Identity 1

The Bay Learning Trust

A community of schools learning and growing together

The Bay Learning Trust is a multi-academy made up of four schools working together to share expertise and share excellence. Originally founded by Ripley St Thomas, the Trust quickly expanded and has become an attractive group for other schools to join.

They required a review of the group identity and marketing to create a brand that united its growing community of schools and better reflected the high standard of teaching and learning.

We worked with the team to develop a brand strategy and identity that considered their wider aims and ambitions. 

Academic institutions often use a shield as part of their identity. It’s a sign of strength and protection. Three of the schools in the trust already used a shield, so it felt like a natural extension to apply this to their parent brand.

Taking inspiration from Morecambe Bay, the Trust’s founding location, we designed a shield to incorporate the coast and the city with rolling green hills and blue water to give a sense of movement. An abstract tree has been designed to represent growth, whilst leaves come together as a symbol of unity.

The school shields have been retained for individuality between the institutions, with a modified shape to share the same design language throughout the organisation.

Bay Learning Trust Tote Bag
Bay Learning Trust Pin Badge
Bay Learning Trust Group Identity
Bay Learning Trust Lanyards
Bay Learning Trust Ripley St Thomas Prospectus
Bay Learning Trust Morecambe Academy Prospectus

The Bay Learning Trust website has been designed with user experience at the forefront. The website is used by a range of users, whether it’s parents looking for policies or job applicants looking for information.

Inspired by the shield’s design, the website uses sweeping curves and rounded edges.

Schools within the Trust will adopt a similar look and feel, with their own shield, to create consistency across the organisation.

Bay Learning Trust Website
The Bay Learning Trust Website